SSC CGL One-Word Substitutions Manias and Obsessions

One-Word Substitutions: Manias and Obsessions

Ablutomanina: Mania for washing oneself

Aboulomania: Pathological indecisiveness

Agromanina: Intense desire to be in open spaces

Andromanina: An obsession with men

Anglomania: Craze or obsession with England and the English

Anthomania: Obsession with flowers

Aphrodisiomania: Abnormal sexual interest

Arithmomania: Obsessive preoccupation with numbers

Balletomania: Craze for books or reading

Bruxomania: Compulsion for grinding teeth

Cacodemomania: Pathological belief that one is inhabited by an evil spirit

Catapedamania: Obsession with jumping from high places

Chinamania: Obsession with collecting china

Choreomania: Dancing mania or frenzy

Clinomania: Excessive desire to stay in bed

Copromania: Obsession with feces

Cytheromania: Nymphomania

Dacnomania: Obsession with killing

Demonomania: Pathological belief that one is possessed demons

Dinomania: Mania for dancing

Dipsomania: Abnormal craving for alcohol

Discomania: Obsession for disco music

Doramania: Obsession with owning furs

Doromania: Obsession with giving gifts

Drapetomania: Intense desire to run away from home

Dromomania: Compulsive longing for travel

Ecdemomania: Abnormal compulsion for wandering

Egomania: Irrational self-centered attitude or self-worship

Eeleutheromania: Manic desire for freedom

Empleomania: Mania for holding public office

Enosimania: Pathological belief that one has sinned

Engheomania: Abnormal belief that one is divinely inspired

Epoania: Craze for writing epics

Ergasiomania: Excessive desire to work; ergomania

Ergomania: Excessive desire to work; workabholism

Erotomania: Abnormally powerful sex drive

Etheromania: Craving for ether

Ethomania: Obsessive devotion to one’s own people

Eulogomania: Obsessive craze for flogging

Florimania: Craze for flowers

Francomania: Craze or obsession with France and the French

Gallomania: Craze or obsession with France and the French

Gamomania: Obsession with issuing odd marriage proposals

Graecomania: Obsession with Greece and the Greeks

Graphomania: Obsession with writing

Gynaecomania: Abnormal sexual obsession with women

Habromania: Insanity featuring cheerful delusions

Hagiomania: Mania for sainthood

Hellenomania: Obsession with Greece and the Greeks; Graecomania

Hexametermania: Mania for writing in hexameter

Hieromania: Pathological religious visions or delusions

Hippomania: Obsession with horses

Hydromania: Irrational craving for water

Hylomania: Excessive tendency towards materialism

Hypermania: Severe mania

Hypomania: Minor mania

Hysteromania: Nymphomania

Iconomania: Obsession with icons or portraits

Idolomania: Obsession or devotion to idols

Infomania: Excessive devotion to accumulating facts

Islomania: Craze or obsession for islands

Italomania: Obsession with Italy or Italians

Kleptomania: Irrational predilection for stealing

Klopemania: Kleptomania

Logomania: Pathological loquacity

Lypemania: Extreme pathological mournfulness

Macromania: Delusion that objects are larger than natural size

Megalomania: Abnormal tendency towards grand or grandiose behaviour

Melomania: Craze for music

Methomania: Morbid craving for alcohol

Metromania: Insatiable desire for writing verse

Micromania: Pathological self-deprecation or belief that one is very small

Monomania: Abnormal obsession with a single thought or ideas

Morphinomania: Habitual craving or desire for morphine

Musomania: Obsession with music

Mythomania: Lying or exaggerating to an abnormal extent

Narcromania: Uncontrollable craving for narcotics

Necromania: Sexual obsession with dead bodies; necrophila

Nosomania: Delusion of suffering from disease

Nostomania: Abnormal desire to go back to familiar places

Nymphomania: Excessive or crazed sexual desire

Oenomania: Obsession or craze for wine

Oligomania: Obsession with a few thoughts or ideas

Oniomania: Mania for making purchases

Onomamania: Mania for names

Onomatomania: Irresistible desire to repeat certain words

Onychotillomania: Compulsive picking at the fingernails

Opiomania: Craving for opium

Opsomania: Abnormal love for one kind of food

Orchidomania: Abnormal obsession with orchids

Parouciamania: Obsession with the second coming of Christ

Pathomania: Moral insanity

Peotillomania: Abnormal compulsion for pulling on the penis

Phagomania: Excessive desire for food or eating

Phaneromania: Habit of biting one’s nails

Pharmacomania: Abnormal obsession with trying drugs

Phonomania: Pathological tendency to murder

Photomania: Pathological desire for light

Phyllomania: Excessive or abnormal production of leaves

Phytomania: Obsession with collecting plants

Planomania: Abnormal desire to wander and disobey social norms

Plutomania: Mania for money

Polemomania: Mania for war

Politicomania: Mania for politics

Polkamania: Craze for polka dancing

Polymania: Mania affecting several different mental faculties

Poriomania: Abnormal compulsion to wander

Pornomania: Obsession with pornography

Potichomania: Craze for imitating Oriental porcelain

Potomania: Abnormal desire to drink alcohol

Pseudomania: Irrational predilection for lying

Pteridomania: Passion for ferns

Pyromania: Craze for starting fires

Rhinotillexomania: Compulsive nose picking

Rinkomania: Obsession with skating

Satyromania: Abnormally great male sexual desire; satyriasis

Scribbleomania: Obsession with scribbling

Sebastomania: Religious insanity

Sitiomania: Morbid aversion to food

Sophomania: Delusion that one is incredibly intelligent

Squandermania: Irrational propensity for sending money wastefully

Stampomania: Obsession with stamp-collecting

Syphilomania: Pathological belief that one is afflicted with syphilis

Technomania: Craze for technology

Teutomania: Obsession with Teutonic or German things

Thanatomania: Belief that one has been affected by death magic, and

resulting illness

Theatromania: Craze of going to plays

Theoania: Belief that one is a god

Timbromania: Craze for stamp collecting

Tomomania: Irrational predilection for performing surgery

Toxicomania: Morbid craving for poisons

Trichotillomania: Neurosis where patient pulls out own hair

Tulipomania: Obsession with tulips

Typhomania: Delirious state resulting from typhus fever

Typomania: Craze for printing one’s lucubration

Uranomania: Obsession with the idea of divinity

Verbomania: Craze for words

Xenomania: Inordinate attachment to foreign things

Zoomania: Insane fondness for animals

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