IBPS Bank PO 5 Questions asked on 31 October 2015

Morning shift:


1st shift para-jumble..
At the height of the debt crisis a few years ago, many experts worried that Greece’s problems would spill over to the rest of the world. If Greece defaulted on its debt and exited the eurozone, they argued, it might create global financial shocks bigger than the collapse of Lehman Brothers did.
Now, however, some people believe that if Greece were to leave the currency union, in what is known as a “Grexit,” it wouldn’t be such a catastrophe. Europe has put up safeguards to limit the so-called financial contagion, in an effort to keep the problems from spreading to other countries. Greece, just a tiny part of the eurozone economy, could regain financial autonomy by leaving, these people contend — and the eurozone would actually be better off without a country that seems to constantly need its neighbors’ support.
1st shift close test...
Drought is usually thought of as a natural disaster BEYOND human control. But as researchers peer deeper into the Earth’s changing bioclimate — the vastly complex global interplay between living organisms and climatic forces — they are better appreciating the crucial role that deforestation PLAYS.
Cutting down forests RELEASES stored carbon dioxide, which traps heat and contributes to atmospheric warming. But forests also affect climate in other ways, by absorbing more solar energy than grasslands, for example, or releasing vast amounts of water vapor. Many experts believe that deforestation is taking place on such a large scale, especially in South America, that it has already significantly ALTERED the world’s climate — even though its dynamics are not well UNDERSTOOD.

1) Basel Committee is related with: Banking Industry
2) IBRD Head-qurter is located at- Washington DC
3) Where is the Head-quarter of Indian Bank?- Chennai
4)  Shishu Kishor are a part of?- MUDRA BANK
5) DRDO Highest Reseach Centre  in which state? Leh, Ladakh, J&K
6) Name the DSIB Banks? ICICI & SBI
7) Egypt currency - Pound
8) Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award- Sania Mirza 
9 Syria Capital? - Damascus
10) KVP lock period?  30 Months
11) What is not the function of a payment Bank?
12) Ist Micro Finance Company to change into Bank? Bandhan Bank
13) What is the portal launched by Finance Minister on Education Loan? www.vidyalakshmi.co.in
14) Physical Noble Prize Winners? Takaaki Kajita and Arthur B. McDonald
15) What is the time limit given to Small Banks to be in Operation? 18 Months
16) NPS focus on?
17) Housing for all till?- 2022
18) 25 DEC is observed as- Good Governance Day.
19) White label ATM- 100% FDI
20) Export risk insured by which financial institution-ECGC 
21) Banking ombudsmen appoint by- RBI
22) Buxa national park- West Bengal
23) Literacy rate-74.04
24) Bank Bureau Board top official- RBI governor
25) NHB regulator- RBI 
26) Frank Tyson cricketer country- England
27) 1st bharat ratna- C. Rajagopalachari, CV Raman
28) Sushma swaraj constituency- Vidisha,MP
29) Bhartiya Maliha Bank CMD who recently became CMD of PNB? Usha Subramanium
30.) IBA headquarters - Mumbai
31.) BBPS (Bharat Bill Payment System) - useful for Bill payments
32.) UUIN university - Tokyo

General Awareness Questions Asked in IBPS PO MAINS 2015 (2nd Shift)
1) Nobel prize in literature?
2) Lima is the capital of?
3) What is the currency of Egypt?
4) Question related to SMILE scheme launched by SIDBI?
5) Which committee framed the RRB Act?
6) Ravindra Jain who passed recently was a?
7)What is the full form of C in MICR?
8) Which scheme registered its name in Guinness book for record one day registrations?-
9) What is the cost of Delhi National Memorial Cost?
10) Rupay is launched by?
11) Where is BIS located?
12) Where is Central bank of India headquarters?
13) Betla national park is located at?
14) Federal Reserve is the Central Bank of which country?
15) India the future is now book written by?
16) Bank with head office in Kolkata?
17) For Make in India initiative, 1000 crores reserved is made by-
18) Constituency of Nitin Gadkari?
19) Bi-monthly policy by is formed by?
20) Highest rural population in which state according to the Census 2011?
21) World custom organisation?
22) 1st dec is celebrated as?
23) 1st baharat ratna awardee posthumously?
24) rrb are funded by central govt state govt and ___?
25) Bank Board Bureau appoints head of?
26) President of Iran?
27) Name the scheme of Skill Development?

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