SSC CGL 2019 Tier 1 (Day 6 Analysis, Tips and Questions asked) All Shifts

SSC CGL 2019 Tier 1 (Day 6 Analysis, Tips and Questions asked) All Shifts


Learn Art of Skipping: Not all questions in CGL are meant to be solved and the time to solve each question varies considerably. You must not try to solve each and every question. Learn when to skip a question, remember every second count.

Time Management: This is the most important and crucial part of the CGL Exam. Some questions take more time than others. You must skip those questions for later and solve the questions which are easier and takes comparatively less time. 

Avoid Ego: Do not let your ego trick yourself. You might be consistently solving 25/25 questions of Reasoning / Maths in Mock tests but, now you need to think about skipping some of the time taking and calculative questions so easy unexplored questions may be attempted. 

Section Wise Tips

Reasoning: Do not take reasoning for granted, if you are unable to solve all 25 questions quickly, skip for other questions/sections. This year the level of reasoning has improved significantly. A few questions are more time-consuming. (Ideal Time: 18-20 Minutes)

General Awareness: This year's General Awareness section is similar to previous years. Approximately 78 questions are asked from current affairs. January is the most important month for current affairs questions. If you know the answer or even can eliminate 2 options, you should attempt the question. Do not waste time on thinking, its GK, either you know or you don't know you cant calculate answers. This section Should not take more than 4-5 minutes.

Maths: This year Maths questions were bit calculative and time taking. If you have your basics clear, you can solve the questions, but again use the art of skipping difficult (time taking) questions for last. You should make sure that no question is left unread, sometimes easy questions are left as students have not seen them due to time constraints. Most importantly, Do not Try to derive/invent any theorem/formula, just focus on solving the solvable. (Ideal Time: 25-30 Minutes)

English:  English (though a foreign language) was the easiest section among all. All vocabulary part was easy and from previous year questions (just revise "Section A" of Black Book). 2 questions each were asked from Antonyms / Synonyms / Spelling / OWS / Idioms / PQRS / Voice / Narration / Error Detection / Sentence Improvements and a cloze test with 5 questions. (8 - 10 Minutes)

GK Questions asked in SSC CGL 2019   SHIFT-1 (09th March 2020)
  • When did the Portuguese captured Goa? - 1510
  • Who wrote Ain-i Akbari? - Abu'l-Fazl
  • In which year first round table conference was held? - 1930
  • Which year is known as the Great Divide in India? - 1921
  • What is the meaning of mandamus? - we command
  • Which Pass located at the southern end of Nilgiri Hills?- Palghat gap pass
  • Which wood is used to make Veena? - Jackfruit
  • What are the two stable isotopes of hydrogen? - Protium and Deuterium
  • Citric acid is found in which of the following - Lemon
  • Which organelle is known as a suicidal bag? - Lysosomes
  • What is the powerhouse of the plant cell called? - Mitochondria
  • Who designed the logo of Lokpal? - Prashant Mishra
  • Who was the first actor to win an Oscar?? - Emil Jannings
  • World Anti-Doping Agency imposes a 4-year ban on which country? - Russia

GK Questions asked in SSC CGL 2019   SHIFT-2 (09th March 2020)

  • Treaty of Alinagar was signed between Robert Clive of the British East India Company and whom? - Mirza Muhammad Siraj Ud Daula
  • Which of the following did not happen in 1919? - Partition of Bengal
  • Who among the following did not receive the Mother Teresa award?
  • Which amendment act is related to GST - 101
  • What is the rank of India in the Human Development Index 2019 - 129
  • What is the rank of India in the Global Peace Index 2019? - 141
  • Who is the CM of Mizoram? - Zoramthanga
  • Din-i-Ilahi religion was founded by - Akbar
  • Uttarayan is a major festival of which state? - Gujarat
  • Which Ajanta caves are full of paintings and sculptures? - Jataka
  • Which river is also known as Parushni river in the ancient period? - Ravi river
  • Which of the following states does not share a boundary with Nepal? - Bihar, Assam, Sikkim, Uttar Pradesh - Assam
  • Which layer is the lowest layer of the Earth's atmosphere? -  Troposphere
  • Name the wheelchair made by IIT Madras - arise
  • What is the measurement of fuse wire? - resistance
  • How many ATP are produced per glucose? - 38
  • Study of soil is called - Pedology
  • The mascot of Hockey world cup 2018 name - Turtle 'Olly'
  • How many medals does India have in the summer Olympic 2012 - 6 medals  (2 silver and 4 bronze)
  • Who is the author of  book revolution 2020 - Chetan Bhagat
  • Which of the following ministry is not collaborated with "Beti Bachao Beti Padhao" scheme?? - Ministry of Rural Development

GK Questions asked in SSC CGL 2019   SHIFT-3 (09th March 2020)
  • In which year was the first Wimbledon Cup held? - 1877
  • In which country was the first FIFA World Cup held? -  Uruguay in 1930
  • Who received Nobel prize in 1913 and knighthood in 1915? - Rabindranath Tagore
  • Administration of "Scheduled areas and Tribal areas" are mentioned in which article in the constitution - 244(1)
  • Which state got GI tag for Kandhamal turmeric? - Odisha
  • Where is kyaiktiyo pagoda? - Myanmar
  • Which state has the highest number of Rajya Sabha seats? - Uttar Pradesh (31)
  • In which country was cinnamon first produced? 1) Sri Lanka 2) Afganistan 3) Bhutan, 4) Malaysia - Sri Lanka
  • Which city is located at 93° East and 27° North? - 1) Itanagar 2) Dispur 3) Patna 4) Hyderabad - Itanagar
  • Which of the following gases is inside an electric bulb? - Argon
  • Mission Indradhanus scheme is related to - Vaccination
  • How many chambers are there in the heart of crocodiles? - Four
  • Snail belongs to which phylum? -  Mollusca
  • Who is the current chief justice of India?? Justice Sharad Arvind Bobde
  • Which of the following books of RK Narayanan is not there? - Jungle Book
  • When was Vijaya Bank and Dena bank merged with Bank of Baroda? - 1st April 2019
  • China's first high-speed smart bullet between Beijing and - Zhang Jia Kou
  • French war memorial resembles which Indian monuments?

English Questions Asked in SSC CGL 2019   SHIFT-1+2+3 (07th March 2020)
  1. Eradicate
  2. Solemn
  3. Exceed
  4. Abort
  5. Relief
  1. Persuade
  2. Emerged
  3. Mellow
  4. Inclement
  5. Extol
  1. Journey
  2. Portrait
  3. laboratory
  • OWS
  1. Protagonist - the leading character or one of the major characters in a play, film, novel, etc.
  2. Surplus - more than what is needed or used; excess
  3. Granary - a storehouse for threshed grain; an area where a lot of grain is grown
  • Idioms
  1. kill two birds with one stone - achieve two aims at once
  2. Make of with - To escape with someone or something that has been stolen, snatched
  3. Blind Alley  - a situation or method that is not effective or will not produce results
  4. Acid test  - the true test of the value of something
  5. take a back seat - Occupy an inferior position; allow another to be in control
  6. barking up the wrong tree -  to be wrong about the reason for something or the way to achieve something

More questions will be uploaded in due time. If you have appeared today in SSC CGL 2019 exam please comment other questions through the comment box.

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