SSC CGL 2019 Tier 1 (Day 4 Analysis, Tips and Questions asked) All Shifts

SSC CGL 2019 Tier 1 (Day 4 Analysis, Tips and Questions asked) All Shifts


Learn Art of Skipping: Not all questions in CGL are meant to be solved and the time to solve each question varies considerably. You must not try to solve each and every question. Learn when to skip a question, remember every second count.

Time Management: This is the most important and crucial part of the CGL Exam. Some questions take more time than others. You must skip those questions for later and solve the questions which are easier and takes comparatively less time. 

Avoid Ego: Do not let your ego trick yourself. You might be consistently solving 25/25 questions of Reasoning / Maths in Mock tests but, now you need to think about skipping some of the time taking and calculative questions so easy unexplored questions may be attempted. 

Section Wise Tips

Reasoning: Do not take reasoning for granted, if you are unable to solve all 25 questions quickly, skip for other questions/sections. This year the level of reasoning has improved significantly. A few questions are more time-consuming. (Ideal Time: 18-20 Minutes)

General Awareness: This year's General Awareness section is similar to previous years. Approximately 78 questions are asked from current affairs. January is the most important month for current affairs questions. If you know the answer or even can eliminate 2 options, you should attempt the question. Do not waste time on thinking, its GK, either you know or you don't know you cant calculate answers. This section Should not take more than 4-5 minutes.

Maths: This year Maths questions were bit calculative and time taking. If you have your basics clear, you can solve the questions, but again use the art of skipping difficult (time taking) questions for last. You should make sure that no question is left unread, sometimes easy questions are left as students have not seen them due to time constraints. Most importantly, Do not Try to derive/invent any theorem/formula, just focus on solving the solvable. (Ideal Time: 25-30 Minutes)

English:  English (though a foreign language) was the easiest section among all. All vocabulary part was easy and from previous year questions (just revise "Section A" of Black Book). 2 questions each were asked from Antonyms / Synonyms / Spelling / OWS / Idioms / PQRS / Voice / Narration / Error Detection / Sentence Improvements and a cloze test with 5 questions. (8 - 10 Minutes)

GK Questions asked in SSC CGL 2019   SHIFT-1 (06th March 2020)
  • Mehrunisa (Noorjahan) was the wife of - Jahangir
  • When did vikram samvat started? - 57 BCE
  • CR Formula was given by whom in 1944 ? - C. Rajagopalachari
  • Madhavpur mela is related to which State? - Gujarat
  • In which article access to internet a fundamental right - Article 19 (1)(a)
  • Which organization releases Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)? - NITI Aayog
  • Which of the following organizations releases Global Energy Transition Index (ETI)? - World Economic Forum (WEF)
  • What is merchant discount rate (MDR)? - fees paid by merchants to banks
  • During high levels of inflation, RBI - increase repo rate 
  • Jayakwadi dam is situated in - Maharashtra
  • Planet between Mercury and Earth - Venus
  • Which gas is the most abundant of the volcanic gasses? - Water Vapour
  • What metal is naturally antibacterial? - Copper
  • which of the following disease is not spread from man to man? 1) Hepatitis, 2) AIDS, 3) Syphilis, 4) Cirrhosis - Cirrhosis
  • What is the primary female sex organ?? - ovaries
  • What carries oxygen in the blood? - Hemoglobin
  • Question on world bank agreement in gender empowerment
  • Which Indian journalist was honoured with “India’s Most Powerful Women in Media” award? - Kallie Puri
  • Mardaani game is from which state in India? - Maharashtra
  • Which country has criminalized Offences related to match fixing? - Sri Lanka
  • Who becomes first Indian gold medallist at junior world wrestling championships? - Deepak Punia
  • Alyssa Healy smashes record for highest T20I score in women's cricket belongs to which of the following countries? - Australia

GK Questions asked in SSC CGL 2019   SHIFT-2 (06th March 2020)

  • What were the two taxes imposed by the Marathas? - Chauth and Sardeshmukhi
  • Between whom was the battle of chausa fought? - Humayun and Sher Shah Suri
  • By which Act of the British parliament that transferred the government and territories of the East India Company to the British Crown - 1858
  • Which of the following monuments is not present at the Qutub Minar complex? - Buland Darwaza
  • 1931 congress session is related to - Gandhi-Irwin Pact
  • When was NABARD established? - 1982
  • Article 368 of Indian constitution deals with - Amendment of the Constitution
  • Anti defection law is related to which amendment. - 52
  • Which of the following is present in Madhya Pradesh? - Bhimbetka
  • Bhutan does not share a boundary with which of the following Indian state? 1) West Bengal 2) Meghalaya 3) Sikkim 4) Assam - Meghalaya
  • Which is the east-flowing river? 1) Mahi 2) Sharavati 3) Bhrahmini 4) Sabarmati - Bhrahmini
  • ISO number for environmental management system - 14000
  • Ozone is formed in the atmosphere from Oxygen by? - UV radiation
  • Food carrying tube of human beings
  • Author of book Hajar Churashir Maa (Mother of 1084). - Mahasweta Devi
  • SASTRA-Ramanujan Award is related to which of the following? - Mathematics
  • 13th south asian games 2019 venue - Kathmandu and Pokhara, Nepal
  • Archana kamath related to which game? - Table Tennis
  • C K Nayudu lifetime achievement award for women in 2019 by BCCI -  Anjum Chopra
  • MoU related to Betar and All India Radio with which country? - Bangladesh

GK Questions asked in SSC CGL 2019   SHIFT-3 (06th March 2020)
  • Who was the first translator of Bhagavad Gita into English - Sir Charles Wilkins
  • Who was the governor general during the third anglo mysore war? - Lord Cornwallis
  • In which year Hindustan Socialist Republican  Association (HSRA) was formed - 1928
  • Who is not a member of cabinet mission 1946 India - Lord wavell
  • When was election commission formed? - 25 january 1950
  • Which article in the Indian Constitution deals with the Attorney General of India? - Article 76
  • Which article of constitution gives ancillary powers to Supreme Court? - 140
  • Which state celebrate Lai Haraoba festival? - Manipur
  • What is the percentage of total forest and tree cover in India? - 24.56%
  • What is the old name of NH 66? - NH17
  • Which one of the following is different - Gold, Silver, Copper, Brass - Brass
  • Which metal is lowest melting point? - Hg (Mercury)
  • Zirconium atomic number (Mass) - 40 (91.22u)
  • Isotopes of  Scandium - 13
  • Which chemical  is used to remove the green color from the glass? - Manganese dioxide
  • Which movie nominated for 92nd oscar from India 2020 - Gully Boy
  • Who is the author of "Dreams from My Father"? - Barack Obama
  • Who laid foundation stone for an international cricket stadium and training centre at Heartfulness Institute - Rohit Sharma
  • Indian Hockey captain Rani Rampal won which award - World Games Athlete of the Year
  • Which station get first 'Eat Right Station' certification from FSSAI - Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT) railway station in Mumbai

English Questions Asked in SSC CGL 2019   SHIFT-1+2+3 (06th March 2020)
  1. Ovation
  2. Prefer
  3. Disheartened
  4. Subtle
  5. cordial
  6. Repercussion
  7. Stringent
  8. Juvenile
  1. Persist
  2. Glee
  3. Preference
  4. Haste
  5. Fickle
  6. Lenient
  1. Abandon
  2. Acquaintance
  3. omission
  4. Renaissance
  5. Sovereignty
  • OWS
  1. Fleet - a group of ships sailing together, engaged in the same activity
  2. Flamboyant -  tending to attract attention because of their exuberance, confidence, and stylishness
  • Idioms
  1. by and by - after a short period
  2. pull a fast one - to successfully deceive someone
  3. See Eye to Eye - to agree fully with someone; be in full agreement
  4. ​paddle one's own canoe - be independent and self-sufficient
  5. dying duck in a thunderstorm - obsolete Having a look of dejection, resignation, or hopelessness

More questions will be uploaded in due time. If you have appeared today in SSC CGL 2019 exam please comment other questions through the comment box.

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