IB ACIO Online Test Series Review of Oliveboard (Latest Pattern)

Intelligence Bureau ACIO Online Test Series Review of Oliveboard  (Latest Pattern)

Hello Readers ,

From past few days we have been receiving a lot of queries regarding best online test series for IB ACIO 2017 Examination. Intelligence Bureau (MHA) is one of the most challenging, prestigious and sought after exam. Therefore, when it comes to online test series for the same, the aspirant needs nothing but the best. 

Recently we have seen many IB ACIO online test series/coaching websites sprouting, hence, it should come as no surprise that there is great confusion among IB ACIO aspirants when it comes to choosing between the best online test series websites. 

Thus, one of the most frequently asked questions is “Which online test series should I choose?”. 

To help you all we searched on some top forums, and asked some of the serious aspirants which online test series in the market is best and based on their initial responses, Oliveboard along with others appeared a name that was common to several responses. We decided to further do our own research. We did a thorough analysis of the site along with a few other IB ACIO aspirants and made comparison based on several parameters. We tried it for a few hours and took a few tests.

Here are the reasons we recommend Oliveboard Online Test Series:-

1) Questions: The Questions provided in its online test were very similar to actual questions asked in previous IB ACIO exam updated to revised pattern and it's difficulty level is also very good.

2) No Fixed Time Schedule: All tests can be attempted by aspirants anytime at the comfort of home. There is no fixed time schedule during which you have to take the test nor do you have to attend any coaching institute to take up the test. You can attempt more than 1 test per day if you want to.

3) Immediate Percentile & Solutions: All India percentile (for every section) and explanatory solutions are available immediately after submitting each test. This helps you to determine your relative position among other IB ACIO aspirants and there is no need to wait, the solutions with explanation is immediately available.

4) Smooth Glitch Free Interface: The site has almost no technical glitches and is one of the best sites when it comes to User Interface.

5) Price: 10 Tests of Ib ACIO revised pattern costs Rs. 399 only which appears very good for the features and in comparison to other options which are more expensive.

6) All Oliveboard IB ACIO online tests can also be taken on their Android mobile app. We took a full test on mobile as well and found the experience even better than on desktop but its aspirants choice how the would like to take it.

All in all, it is a very good option and quite economical for IB ACIO aspirants who are looking for best online test series. There is also a Free IB ACIO online mock test available for those who want to try and experience the same.

Disclaimer : This is an Sponsored article, and may not be personal view of qmaths. Please use FREE MOCKS to evaluate test series and then upon your satisfaction buy this test series. 

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