21th January SSC CHSL 2016 Tier-1 Questions Asked on all Shifts (Memory Based)

SSC CHSL (10+2) 2016 Tier 1 Questions Asked ( 21th January 2017)  All Shifts

First Shift Questions

GK Questions Asked on 21th January 2017 (Shift 1)

1) When was the Battle of plassey fought ?
2) Which president image on 5 US Dollar  
  • $1 George Washington 
  • $2 Thomas Jefferson 
  • $5 Abraham Lincoln 
  • $10 Alexander Hamilton 
  • $20 Andrew Jackson 
  • $50 U.S. Grant 
  • $100 Benjamin Franklin 
  • $500 William McKinley
3) Portblair capital
4) Dynasty of shahjahan
5) Excretory organ of cockroach
6) No of highest award actress(shabana azmi,kangna,tabu,kamal hasan)
7) Winner of Alzan shah cup 2016
8) One question on type of employment
9) All India Trinamol Congress established in
10) One question was related to Evapotarion of water from plants
11) Architecture of Hinduism Buddhism jainism can be seen from? Ajanta or ellora caves
12) Kalakkad tiger sanctuary location

Quantitative Aptitude:

  • √2cos^A-1=x

English Language and Comprehension:
  • Synonym of carnage 
  • Synonym of cosset
  • Death by breath....(smother)

Second Shift Questions

GK Questions Asked on 21th January 2017 (Shift 2)

1) First ISRO satellite launched for education
2) Hyderabad is the capital city of - Telangana
3) Article 352 refers to
4) which of following is fleshy,spored and flowering plant
5) who made 400 runs in a test match - Brain Lara
6) one question about world heritage cites of india
7) Jahangir was son of which Mughal emperor - Akhbar
8) Number of loksabha seats of  Maharashtra
9) Highest civilian award Padam Shri to -  Priyanka chopra
10) Uranus position in terms of size
11) first viceroy and first governor general of pre indepence india
12) Discovery of India book authored by - Pt. Nehru
13) which of following caused by fungus - dermatitis
14) which chemical is used to remove nail polish
15) Malayalam is official language of which state
16) potassium ion in noble gas
17) Where is Dachigam National Park and Hemis National Park - J&K
18) Which medicine is help to cure osteporosis? - Risedronate

Quantitative Aptitude:
  • If tan2A=x than x=?
  • Cot 30 -- cot 45 = ???
  • A dishonest milkman buys milk at rs 25 per litre and add 1/5 th water to it and then sells at rs 29 per litre.. what is profit %

English Language and Comprehension:
  • Synonyms of jeer.
  • Synonyms of Elf
  • Synonyms of Batter
  • Spelling of gimmicks
  • Antonym of "imminent"
General Intelligence and Reasoning:

  • Find odd in 243,729,81,9
  • Find odd in mare,cub,horse,pony
  • Rupee:India::Taka:?

Third Shift Questions

GK Questions Asked on 21th January 2017 (Shift 3)

  1. who invented lens - Adolf Boston Eugen fick
  2. Bihu folk dance- assam
  3. Bio chemical laboratory of human body - liver
  4. No of rajya sabha members in west bengal -16
  5. bandhavgarh national park in? MP
  6. Capital of canada - ottawa
  7. First leader of opposition of lok sabha- AK gopalan
  8. Five point someone book is written by - chetan Bhagat
  9. National film festival started which year
  10. Continental drift theory
  11. Aurangjeb belonged to which dynasty
  12. Florine ka atomic number
  13. BP measures by
  14. Electron movement around nucleus - orbital 
  15. Convert decimal 106 to binary
  16. Which committi gives opinion on reform in cricket?- lodha samiti
  17. How many steps in suryanamskar?
  18. Blood pressure measures by which instrument ?
  19. Which has more atom number from flurine? (Be,N,Na,O)
  20. In which form glucose stores in body? 
  21. One question related to caves in maharashtra 
  22. In which country communism id followed? China 
  23. Caves near to Mumbai horbour-Elephanta caves
  24. Which of following have Low melting point

English Language and Comprehension:
  • Synonyms of Buzz
  • Correct spelling-banditry
  • Idiom -Kick the bucket 

If you remember any questions please share it via comments.

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