18th january RRB NTPC MAINS (Stage 2) Questions Asked (Memory Based) All Shifts

Questions asked on RRB NTPC Mains 2016 on 18 January 2017 (Memory Based) (Shift 1 + Shift 2 + Shift 3)

GK/GS Questions Asked on RRB NTPC MAINS 2016 (SHIFT 1) on 18-01-2017

  1. Who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 2016. Juan Manuel Santos
  2. Who won the America Copa? Chile National football team
  3. In which year was the Rowlatt Acts passed? 1919
  4. In which year was ISRO set up?
  5. One of the largest fresh water lakes in Asia is?
  6. (Choice based) Not a bitmap extension?
  7. Which Veda includes medical knowledge?
  8. Hypothalamus is in which part of the body?
  9. Who is RBI’s new governor? Urjit Patel
  10. How many presidents has India seen till date? 13
  11. What is the minimum age of governor(rajyapal)?
  12. Which particle has the same mass as an electron?
  13. Indian railways connect how many stations? 7112 stations
  14. Question related Brihadeeswarar Temple. Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva located in Thanjavur in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.
  15. Question related to INS Arihant.
  16. Question related to 2016 Uttarakhand forest fires.
  17. Full form of WWF? World Wide Fund
  18. Majuli island is in which state? Assam
  19. Home rule movement is related to which party?
  20. What do you mean by Tropism? The turning of all or part of an organism in a particular direction in response to an external stimulus.
  21. Leader of the Lok Sabha is? Prime Minister
  22. Question related to RailTel.
  23. WHo was the first speaker of Lok Sabbha
  24. What is escape velocity
  25. Which country got independence from Britain in 1986,[qmaths.in]
  26. Which of the following island not in lakkadeep - ammini / niel / minicoye / kavarrati

GK/GS Questions Asked on RRB NTPC MAINS 2016 (SHIFT 2) on 18-01-2017

  1. Full form of RAW. Research and Analysis Wing
  2. Full form of GPS. Global Positioning System
  3. Question related to Goa Maharashtra merger
  4. What do you mean by Unicode?
  5. Who is the owner of Gujarat Lions? Keshav Bansal
  6. How many heart chambers does a fish have? Two
  7. Who was the Australian Grand prix winner for 2016? Nico Rosberg         
  8. How many Jantar Mantar forts were built by Maharaja Jay Singh?
  9. Who has the power to solve the dispute of election of president
  10. Winner of China open ladies double 2016? Bethanie Mattek-Sands / Lucie Safarova
  11. Question related to China Open 2015.
  12. What changes source code into its object code
  13. What is the lowest age for an individual to be a CM? 25 years
  14. Which tax’s rate increases with money
  15. (Inexact)Preparing fertiliser from wet things is called?
  16. Lord William Bentnick tried to suppress the Sati pratha.
  17. Highest yield of Sugar cane in 2016 was from which state?
  18. Production of silk(resham) started first in the country of? China
  19. Railway budget merged with union budget in which year?
  20. Ancient name of Awadh was?
  21. Minamata is caused by? Mercury poisoning
  22. Who is known as the ‘Lady with the lamp’
  23. What are the three primary colors?
  24. Rusting of iron is due to which process?
  25. International sand art festival organised in? Orissa
  26. Kailasa Nath temple was built during the period of?
  27. When was Civil Disobedience Movement launched?
  28. Question related to traffic signal patent.
  29. Where is National Geophysical Research Institute situated? Hyderabad
  30. Which strait divides India and Sri Lanka?
  31. Which was the largest railway canal?
  32. Indus water treaty was signed in which year? 1960

GK/GS Questions Asked on RRB NTPC MAINS 2016 (SHIFT 3) on 18-01-2017

1. pH of blood ? 7.4
2. Mahabalipuram monuments built by? Pallavas
3. www invented by ? Tim Berners Lee
4. Environment day ? June 5th
5. Bharat Ratna 2015 ? Madan Mohan Malavya & AB Vajapayee
6. Commonwealth gold medal winners in Squash (women's doubles) ? Dipika Pallikal & Joshna Chinnappa
7. railway portal for grievances of railway employees ? Nivaran
8. Playing it my way ? Sachin Tendulkar
9. India's youngest chess grand master ? Parimarjan Negi
10. Nobel Prize 2010 for IVF in Medicine / Physiology ? Robert Edwards
11. Right to Education article ? 21A
12. USA: Dollar :: Turkey: ? Lira
13. UNFCCC full form ? United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
14. SAP full form in data processing ? Systems, Applications, Products
15. Cleanest railway station in India ? Surat
16. Highest peak in southern India ? Anaimudi
17. Anandmath written by ? Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay
18. Lion capital of saranath by which ruler ? Ashoka
19. Asiatic lions found in which state ? Gujarat
20. T20 women's world cup winner ? West Indies
21. Which of the following is not UNESCO sites of India ? (options: Rani ki vav, Bhimbetka, ........)
22. Integrated chips - which generation ? (options - 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th)
23. India's rank in 2015 Greenhouse gas emissions ? (options - 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th)
24. Highest apples producing state in India ? (options - J&K, Himachal Pradesh, UttarKhand, Arunachal Pradesh)
25. JAM related to Jan Dhan Yojana ? (which of the following is not correct ?) ans: 50 cr accounts
26. Yajur in YajurVeda means ? Sacrifice
27. Jallian wala Bagh massacre year ? 1919
28. Man to moon 1st mission ? Apollo 11
29. Lifeline express ? (didn't remember the correct question)
30. 1st Indian Company to join EP100 campaign led by 'The Climate Group' ? Mahindra & Mahindra
31. Singapore - environment - program ??
32. Outer layer of the skin ? Epidermis
33. Min age limit to become President of India ? 35 years
34. Romanian president prosecuted for crimes against humanity ? Ion Iliescu
35. Bulb of 60W is connected across 240V supply. How much current it will draw from supply ? 0.25 amps
36. There are 4 resistors of 5 ohms each. How much minimum resistance u can get ? 1.25 ohms
37. Chemical not soluble in water ? (options - MgI2, LiBr, NaCl, CaCo3)
38. Which is not a component of gastric juice ? Sulphuric Acid
39. Transcendence: My Spiritual Experiences with Pramukh Swamiji - written by ? A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
40. Which is not an operating system ? (options - android, windows, linux, sarela) ans: Sarela
41. Odisha:Odissi :: Kerala: ? Kathakali
42. Which of the following country doesn't has border with India ? (options - Tajikistan, China, Bhutan, Myanmar ) ans: Tajikistan
43. 1st non-cricketer to be inducted into Legends Club of Indian Cricket Club ? Nandu Natekar
44. One person (lady) died recently - she is ?? (options - actress, musician, politician, ....... )
45. Terrestrial:(some animal given) :: Amphibian: ? ans: Frog
46. FDI limit for trading of food products manufactured or produced in India ? 100 %
47. Water purification process ? Reverse Osmosis
48. High level language to machine language ? Compiler

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