09 January SSC CHSL Questions Asked (Memory Based)

09th January 2017 SSC CHSL Questions Asked (Memory Based)

SSC CHSL Tier -1 GK Questions Asked on 09-01-2017 (Morning Shift )

1. Desert Festival is celebrated in - Rajasthan

2. Rajya sabha members term period?- 6yrs

3. Who killed Gandhi ji- Nathuram Vinayak Godse

4. Hottest Planet - Venus

5.Theory of relativity- Albert Einstein

6. Depth of Ocean is measured by? - Fathometer

7. The term exology was invented by?

8. Who wrote Glimpse of History - Chacha Nehru

9. Pablo Picasso Belongs to which Country - Spain

10. Electric Tram was invented by?-

11. Nalanda University is situated at -

SSC CHSL Tier -1 GK Questions Asked on 09-01-2017 (Evening Shift)

1) Orissa konark sun temple built by whom?

2) K srikanth related to which Game- badminton

3) Electric chair was invented by-

4) Nepali language spoken by

5) If a stone is thrown up which of the following will not change
  • Distance 
  • Speed
  • Acceleration 
  • Potential energy
6) The study of universe is called -cosmology

7) Who is the author of live a life less ordinary?

8) who found nitrogen gas first

9) No of member in rajya sabha

10) Hitler belongs to which country.

11) Oscar winner foreign language film 2016

12) Hematite is ore of

13) Chronological order of Gandhi satyagrah

14) Squirrel scientific name

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15) Top gun actor

16) CRR decrease effects

17) Krishnan player from which game

18) Don't Be Evil slogan of which company

19) Longest day on northern hemisphere

20) Instrument to detect alpha beta rays

21) Together oxidation-reduction equation known as

22) Which type of power plant produce most electricity

23) Mangrove tree respiratory system

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