SSC CGL Tier 2 Cancellation : Facts and Rumors

SSC CGL 2016 Cancellation: Facts and Rumors (Issues and Solutions)

Hello Friends,

From the day of SSC CGL 2016 Tier 2 was held, It has been a topic of debate and Chaos that SSC CGL Tier 2 should be cancelled as mass level cheating has been done in SSC CGL 2016 Tier 2. Aspirants should not tolerate any kind of malpractice / Cheating / inefficiency of server and must fight for it. We the Team Qmaths Support SSC Aspirants in every possible manner.

First of all we request all our readers to read this article rationally or Do Not Read it at all.

Some of the issues candidates faced were: 

1) Server Problem: It is complained that server was too slow and multiple clicks were required to go to next question. In some cases total number of questions attempted by a candidate and attempt displayed on screen after submission were different (Less). As per our information some candidates were even lucky enough to get extra time while changing PC or due to slow server and some were unlucky as their time was cut down and paper submitted before stipulated 2 hours.

2) Management Problems:  Many of the Exam centers were not adequate to conduct this exam. Some centers were small cafe/ computer academies which in no way adequate to conduct SSC CGL Exam.At many centers Invigilators at labs were very young and inefficient, they did not know anything and there was no senior staff present. (SSC Representative was just a dream).

3) Lack of Seating Arrangement:  There was no seating arrangement at the examination centers, and some candidates took full advantage of this situation by making groups and solving paper in group. Invigilators were very careless and inefficient to handle these situation.

4) Server Crashed /Bio-metric Non-Functional :  In some of the centers Server Crashed after 15-20 minuted of exam and the Center declared that this exam is cancelled but there was no SSC Representative present. Even in some case SSC HQ/ Regional SSC has not notified the candidates officially that their exam has been cancelled. Another instance seen at some of the centers was that Bio-metric Machines were not working which created a lot of chaos.

What could be the Probable Solution to the above mentioned problems

1) SSC (Software Vendor) Should check log file of exam (mouse movement and clicks) along with time duration for which a candidate has appeared for exam. In case of any abnormality / Glitch more than a threshold (say 5% or more), SSC Should conduct re-exam of those candidates. SSC must  ask the software vendor for explanation.

2) SSC Must Blacklist such test centers which are not capable of handling such an important exam, and SSC should verify every center before finalizing it if its suitable for conduction of exams or not.(Through Regional SSC).

3) SSC introduced this feature to curb organised seating arrangement used by some exam mafias, but it has failed. The reason behind this failure is not only SSC but also some miscreant aspirants who used grouping to solve the paper. This is unethical and comes under purview of cheating in SSC Exam which should be punished by Debarring them for exam. Otherwise these things are going to repeat itself. SSC has CCTV Footage of all the centers and if SSC found any candidate doing any kind of cheating, it should take proper action.

4) SSC Must recognize server crash or Non-Function (or semi functional) Bio-metric and give proper notice regarding this. Re-exam must happen in this case also.

At the time of  SSC CGL 2012 there was an algorithm used by N K Raghupathy Sir (former SSC Chairmen) to detect cheaters via similarity in answer key pattern (by some threshold), that algorithm should be implemented to detect cheaters.

Re-exam for whole country vs Re-exam in Affected centers.

  • SSC has conducted SSC CGL Tier 2 (2016) in 56 cities at 351 Centers. 
  • Out of these 351 centers SSC has officially cancelled exam at 14 centers. 
  • It is believed that many more centers are there in which cheating was done. 
  • But it is impossible that cheating has been done at all 351 out of 351 centers. 
  • Hence demand for all India Cancellation is baseless,
    (as if your hand is broken and you are plastering your whole body).
  • Its not good that due to malpractice done by 1000 or 2000 or say 10000 candidates all 1,49,000 students and SSC should suffer for re-exam.
  • All SSC aspirants must gather collectively and find all the centers in which cheating was held. 
  • Even if one does not have any proof yet one can complaint to SSC/DoPT/Police that cheating was held at my xyz center and proper investigation should be done and re-exam must be organised for all those centers.


Many rumors are being spread in social media about SSC CGL cheating. Many such videos are also circulating and even shared with us. But when we investigated these videos were found to be fake and created by some aspirants after the official announcement of cancellation of exam at such centers.

What you should do:

1) You should be firm in your demand for re-exam with SSC if you know you are right and cheating was done at your center.

2) Demand must be made to scan all the CCTV videos with the help of Regional SSC and or Local Police or some volunteers and punish cheaters (and even invigilators if they are involved). So that cheating must not be repeated. 

3) Log files should also be demanded for probe and proper action must be taken

4) You should file your grievance at PGPortal / DoPT/ PMO apart from SSC HQ in larger numbers. If possible gather in large number outside these offices.

5) Most importantly be polite, and fight righteously.

Rest of the candidates who know that there was no problem at their exam center must start their preparation for Tier -3 (Descriptive Paper).

This article is opinion of Team Qmaths and you may differ in your views, and we truly respect it.

You may share your views via comments.

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