GK Questions asked in Central Warehousing Corporation Online Exam (10-12-16)

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Central Warehousing Corporation General Knowledge (GK) Questions asked in Online Exam (10-12-16)

  1. Able Prize will be given to - Mathematecians
  2. As per census 2011 After Bihar Which state has Youngest Median age of students - Uttar Pradesh
  3. Bhimbtek rocks located in - Madhya Pradesh
  4. Brics trade fair 2016 -  New Delhi
  5. Chambal River flows from Madhya Pradesh to  - Rajasthan
  6. CHOGM 2018 Meeting -  United Kingdom
  7. Earlier name of River of Sorrows - Damodar River
  8. First LIGO lab Outside USA in State of India -  Maharashtra
  9. Gobind sagar Man made reservior in - Himachal Pradesh
  10. Highest Populated state - Uttar Pradesh
  11. Himansh Highest altitude research station in - Himachal Pradesh
  12. International Atomic Energy Agency Headquarters - Vienna ,Austria
  13. Khajurao festival Celebrated in - Madhya Pradesh
  14. Mogadishu Capital - Somalia
  15. Mother Absolute Affection ( MAA)  brand ambassador -  Maduri Dixit
  16. Oliver Hart, Bengt Holmstrom received Nobel Prize in the field - Economics
  17. One Rupee Note bears signature of - Finance Secretary
  18. Pawan Chalmling is chief minister of - Sikkim
  19. PMJDY Is related to - Financial Inclusion
  20. Ruthvika Shivani Gadde Associated with -  Badminton
  21. Salt Lake stadium - Kolkata,West Bengal
  22. Shares in Electronic form - Demat
  23. Slovakia Currency - Euro
  24. Unified Payment interface implemented by - NPCI
  25. United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction Headquarters - Geneva,Switzerland
  26. Universal Children Day Celebrated on - November 20
  27. Valmiki National Park in - Bihar
  28. Which Actor facilitated on Opening Ceremony of First Brics Film Festival - Rishi Kapoor
  29. Which Hurricane hits Haiti - Hurricane Matthew
  30. Which Shooter is declared as Champion of Champions - Jitu Rai
  31. Which Space Station Hubble space Telescope detected super hot bolbs -  NASA
  32. Which State Recently Formed 31 new Districts -  Telangana
  33. World Diabates day 2016 Theme - Eyes on Diabetes
  34. World Longest reigning King Bhumibol Abdulyadez passed away King of - Thailand
  35. Writer of The Great Indian Novel - Shashi Tharoor
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