IBPS PO Prelims 22 October 2016, Questions Asked & Exam Pattern

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IBPS PO Prelims 16 October 2016, Questions Asked and Analysis of Exam Pattern 

Today IBPS Has conducted Prelims for IBPS PO 2016 Exam. A lot of students have appeared for their IBPS PO Preliminary exam today and it will continue till 27th
There are 3 Sections in IBPS PO Prelims exam namely English, Reasoning and Quantitative Aptitude. This year the paper was of moderate level

1. English – Total 30 Questions (Level – Moderate)

Reading Comprehension (Globalization) 7 
Cloze Test (Computer Technology) 8 
Sentence Rearrangement (GDP) 5 
Error Detection 10 

2. Quantitative Aptitude – Total 35 Questions (Level – Easy) 

  • Simplification (Approximation) 5 
  • Number Series 5 
  • Inequality 5 
  • Data Interpretation (Pie Chart + Table Chart /Line Graph) 10 

Language Problems (Profit Loss, Average, Boats and Stream, CI/SI, Time and Work, Average, Ratio and Proportion, Percentage, Partnership, etc.) 10 

Today's Number Series Questions

  • 7,14,30,56,93,?
  • 23,39,32,48,41,? 
  • 11,13,20,48,111,?  
  • 13,17,33,97,?, 
  • 6,3.5,4.5,11,48,?.  

Q. The ratio of total surface area to lateral surface area of a cylinder whose radius is 160 cm and height 140 cm, is __________.

Q. Nihal’s age after eight years will be three-fourth of his father’s age. Ten years ago, the ratio of their ages was 1 : 6. What is Nihal’s father’s age at present?

Q. A mixture of milk and water has been kept in two different vessels. Ratio of milk to water in one of the containers is 8 : 2 and that in the other container 6 : 4. In what ratio the mixtures of these two containers should be added together so that the quantity of milk in the new mixture may become 60%?

3. Reasoning Ability – Total 35 Questions – (Level – Easy)

  • Puzzle - Order Ranking -  (Floors puzzle with farmers income) 5 
  • Puzzle (Sitting Arrangement) 5
  • Inequality 5  
  • Direction 3 
  • Blood Relation 3 
  • Puzzle (North South - Linear) 5
  • Syllogism 5 
  • Misc, 4

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