SSC CGL 2016 tier 1 GA-GK Questions asked on 02-September-16 (All Shifts)

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Today (02 September 2016) was Day 7 and  SSC Has conducted SSC CGL (2016) Exam. In this post we are sharing some of the GK Questions asked in this exam.

Shift I (Morning Shift) GK Questions asked in SSC CGL 2016 tier 1 (02-09-2016)

1.Manchester of South India- Coimbatore
2. Who was the flag-bearer of India at Rio Olympic- Abhinav Bindra
3.Who scored 1000 runs in an Innings-Pranav Dhanawade
4. largest irrigation plant in India-Indira Gandhi canal
5.Himalaya is a type of mountain- Fold Mountain
6.Kerala Soil is rich in-
7.Nitrification is-  Ammonia is converted to nitrites
8.Asbestos found maximum in which country- Russia
10. Three-month emergency in which country- Turkey
11. Beighton cup is related to- Hockey
12. First Indian railway university - vadodara gujrat
13. Amritsar city was built by which Sikh guru- Guru Ram das
14. Eudiometer is used- to measure changes in volume of gases

Shift II (Afternoon  Shift) GK Questions asked in SSC CGL 2016 tier 1 (02-09-2016)

1 bear is national animal of(russia)

2 vinegar is called..(glacial acetic acid)

3 frontier gandhi...khan abdul gaffar khan

4 yoga day......21 june

5 sun temple ....orissa

6 which game has been included in olympics after 100

7 why u experience pull force when train comes....due to vaccum

8 right to equality....article 14

9 cleanest source of energy....hydrogen

10 blood is red due to....haemoglobin

11 which is naturally not a pollutant...co2

12 definition of labour in economics

13 definition of inflation....too much money chasing small no of goods

14 open marketing operations.....govt securities sale and purchase

15 treaty of purandar

16 group of islands called....archipelego

17 land of white elephant .....thailand

18 book written by gandhiji in south africa...indian opinion

19 line joining same height in hilly areas.....contours

20 reason for smell of iodex.....

21 which act of plants is not effected by light....fertilisation

22 question related to congestion in network

23 bank receipts called......(statement...?)

24 temple which is damaged by fire in kerela...paravur temple at kollam

25 last question was of MATCH THE FOLLOWING type....

Shift III (Evening  Shift) GK Questions asked in SSC CGL 2016 tier 1 (02-09-2016)

1.Encryption on Ashoka pillars written in  – Magadhi Prakrit

2. seventh Olympics  of which tennis player – Leander Paes

3. Rings in Olympic flag- 5

4.Potassium permanganate is used as- As an oxidant,

5. Not an official language of UNO- Japanese.

6.When Kharif  crop is harvested- October

7. Where skill India is launched- New Delhi

8. Type of good whose demand increases with income- Normal Goods

9.Equality and  fraternity  taken from the-French Revolution

10.Major Energy generation in India is from – Coal

11.Same atomic number different mass numbers- Isotopes 

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