4th September 2016 SSC CGL GK-GA Questions Asked (All Shifts)

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As you know, the Third shift of the SSC CGL Tier I exam (04-09-2016) was over now. The level of the paper was of easy to moderate. In this post, we are sharing some of General Awareness Questions which was asked in today’s exam.

General Awareness Questions asked on 04-09-2016 Shift 1/ Morning Shift (SSC CGL 2016 Tier-1) 

1. Kyoto protocol related to- To control emission of green-house gases and Ozone depletionn causes.

2. Green-house definition- A glass building in which plants that need protection from cold weather are grown

3. General Dier killed by- Uddham singh

4. Mahatma Gandhi Magazine in Africa- Indian opinion

5.Granite changes to- Genesis

6.Meibomian glands present in- Eye

7.In Rio Olympics P.V. Sandhu defeated Wang Zuan of  which country player- China

8.Wimbledon cup 2016 winner- Andy Murry

9. Under-water metro in which country

10.Vitamin soluble in water- Vitamin B

11.Skoda company belongs to which country- Czech Republic

12. Satriya is a dance of which state- Assam

13. Except the CO2 which is  green-house gas- Methane

General Awareness Questions asked on 04-09-2016 Shift II/ Afternoon Shift (SSC CGL 2016 Tier-1) 

1. If the budget proposal was rejected in the state assembly then-

2. Sphygmometer measure pressure in which part  – Blood pressure

3.Wheeler island is in – Odisha

4. Commercially utilized energy resource- Natural Gas

5.Dipa Karmakar related to which sport– Gymnast

6.Indian Nationality is given by which department–

7.First Indian in British House commons-Mr. Dadabhai Naoroji

8.Bhakra Nangal Dam on which river- Satluj

9. Which of the following joints bones and muscles-Tendon

10. Great wall of China is constructed in which regime–Qin Shi Huangdi

11.Wind blowing in one direction over rocks makes–

12.Many solar cells connected- Soar panel

13. Where is Chabahar- Iran

14. First Post office ATM is in –Visakhapatnam

General Awareness Questions asked on 04-09-2016 Shift III/ Evening  Shift (SSC CGL 2016 Tier-1) 

1) Which organ gets affected by Weil's disease?
Ans: Kidney

2) When the office of the President and the Vice-President fall vacant simultaneously, who acts as President?
Ans: Chief Justice of India

3) HDI is an aggregate measure of progress in which of the 3 dimensions?
Ans: Health, Education, Income

4) ___ involves traversing the entire file system, marking everything that can be accessed.
Ans: Index Pointer

5) Preservation of historical articles is done in science of
Ans: Options not available

6) Goitre is caused by the deficiency of __
Ans: Iodine

7) The speaker of Lok Sabha is removed by __
Ans: A resolution passed by Lok Sabha

8) The chemical that is used to ripen mangoes is __
Ans: Calcium Carbide

9) Alfalfa is the name of a __
Ans: Grass

10) The longest railway line connects __
Ans: Leningrad to Vladivostok

11) The daily weather Map of India is prepared and printed at-
Ans: Pune

12) The official Rio Olympic slogan
Ans: A New World

13) How many constitutional amendments have been made till now?
Ans: 122

14) Which of the following countries is not a member of G-8 ?

15) The working committee of National Congress sanctioned the resolution named 'Quit India' at-
Ans: Bombay

16) Nylon threads are made of
Ans: Polyamide polymer

17) The term 'smasher' is associated with
Ans: Volley-ball

18) The capital of Mauryan kingdom?
Ans: Pataliputra

19) For photoelectric effect to take place, the metal should have __
Ans: Low work function

20) The instrument used for photographing the sun is called __
Ans: Spectroheliograph

21) The main protein found in milk is __
Ans: Casein

22) The chairman of National Disaster Management Authority is __
Ans: Prime Minister

23) Which country won men's Hockey Champions Trophy?
Ans: Australia

24) Which tax is levied by State govt only?
Ans: Entertainment tax

25) IPC Section 124A relate to __
Ans: Sedition

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