3 September SSC CGL 2016 Experience

Batch Time : 8:30 AM , center was good, they will provide pen and paper after biometric.
they don't submit admit card and photocopy, that is just for checking.
A SSC slip will be provided in which you have to declare that Name and roll no, is correct. Signature and thumb impression on attendance sheet.
You will not need extra sheet as Maths and reasoning were easy. They will provide extra paper if required.
Nothing is allowed in exam hall not even wallet. You can carry only admit card, original and photograph.
Here follows the questions I remember :
Get Cold Feet -> Fear, Drenched
5 questions on passage related to hobbies -> After retirement old people get bored and get into dangerous hobies like gambling, drinking cofee, liquor.
( 1 q was moderate 4 were easy)
spot the error. (easy-moderate)
Approprite word:
Do you have some sugar ? -> a.) no improvement b.) little sugar c.) small sugar d.)
markus lied to Othello about his wife -> a.) No improvement b.)Lain c.) Laid d.) Lay
cell:cytology::birds: ? (options were easy. ornithology)
2:10::26:? (I got stuck on this one -> marked answer 42)
a.) 20 b.)42 c.) 36 d.)50
123, 234, 356, ?
C is daughter of A, J is brother of A, G is daughter of C, L is sister of A, F is brother of G. Then who is uncle of G ?
1.) J 2.) L 3.) can't say d.) A
If a principal is doubled in 15 years on simple interest, then what would be the rate of interest ?
If a shopkeepers offers discount of 15%, then how much money a person has to pay if buys stuffs worth 1500?( very simple direct)
(Moderate/difficult for me) If tan a = 2, then value of (sin a)/(sin cube a + cos cube a)
if x2 + y2 + z2 =14, and xy + yz +zx = 11, the value of (x+y+z)2 ?
In triangle ABC DE is parallel to BC, AC = 8, AD=3, BD = 5, the value of AE ?
Car speed 25 km/hr, if speed reduces by 1/5 then distance covered is 200 KM less, Speed of car ? (30,40,50,60 km/hr)
Fisrt amputee woman to climb mount everest ? (Arunima Sinha)
Father of Green Revolution ? (Norman Borlaug)
Subhash Chandra formed ? ( I marked azad hind sena)
Gov. organisation who controls insurance ? (SEBI, RBI, IRDA, IDBI)
0 kelvin is equal to ? ( 0 degree C, -273 degree C, 100 Degree C, 40 degree Celcius)
Who presided the 1st session of congress ?
Which Country detonated its hydrogen bomb recently ? (Libya, Iran, South Korea, North Korea)
Speaker of Loksabha gives resignation to ? (Chief Justice, Deputy speaker of Loksabha, Prime Minister)
Swarn jayanti Shahri Rojgar Yojna is for ?
Who saidd din-e- elahi as something folly rather than wisdom ?
India's first national park formed in 1936 ? a.) Rajaji National Park b.) Halliey park c.) Kanha Park (Jim corbett was not in option, Halliey park is also known as Jim corbett)
which book is called Bible of socialism ? (Don't know answer, I marked Asian Drama)
The use of either naturally occurring or deliberately introduced microorganisms to consume and break down environmental pollutants, in order to clean a polluted site is called ?
term bridge is associated with which game ?
mudra scheme is for ?
which of the following elements is responsible for least green house effect ? (Coal, Petroleum, Geothermal Energy, Natural Gas)
which of the following element is is not a donor ? (Aluminum,aresnide,phosphorous, one option I don't remember -> I don't know answer)
Which device comes under physical layer ? (Router,bridge,repeater, ?)

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