SSC CGL 2016 Tier-1 Questions asked on 29-08-2016 (Day 3)

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Hello Friends,

Today (29 August 2016) Day 3 SSC Has conducted SSC CGL (2016) Exam. In this post we are sharing some of the questions asked in this exam at various shifts.

1. Who is the Coach of Indian cricket team?
Ans. Anil Kumble

2. When does President address a joint sitting of parliament?

3. First women Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh?
Ans. Sucheta Kriplani

4. Another name of World Bank?
Ans. International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD)

5. Mission Indradhanush is related to?

6. Playing it my way autobiography of?
Ans. Sachin Tendulkar

7. Why planets do not twinkle?
Ans. They are closer to earth

8. Punjab draws water into canals from which river?
Ans. Sutlej River

9. What is the purest form of Carbon?
Ans. Diamond

10. When government expenditure exceeds its revenue then it is called?
Ans. Budget deficit

11. First Indian to win Oscar award?
Ans. Bhanu Athaiya

12. Silkworms eat which leaves?
Ans. Mulberry leaves

13. What is the product formed when Sodium bicarbonate was heated?

14. Wide entry of sea or ocean is called as?

15. Properties of x-ray?

More questions will be updated....

We will be keep updating this page and add more questions asked on 29 August 2016. 

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