Revised Cutoff prediction for ssc cgl 2015 tier 2 after vacancies

Revised Cutoff prediction for ssc cgl 2015 mains tier 2 2015 examination

Hello friends, first of all a very very Happy Diwali to you and your family.

As we have seen latest SSC CGL 2015 tentative vacancy list which is genuine and has approx 7966 post (IP+NIP). Although this is just a tentative vacancy list and some more posts will be added to this list, but still total number of vacancies will be much lesser than that in 2012-14. Hence we have revised our Earlier Cuff off prediction for SSC CGL 2015.

Note: This prediction is based on latest RTI vacancy report, if vacancy increases significantly this cutoff will also decrease accordingly. 

(No interview for SSC CGL 2015 is assumed)

Explanation Behind This Prediction: (General Category)

Refer table at bottom for this analysis

1) There are about 1636 posts for general category which will definately increase, we assumed (after some calculations) that there are 2131 general Category posts to be filled for this for which ssc will call approx. 2400 candidates. 

2) Minimum marks required to get this rank of 2400 for general candidates is 132 (based on our rank list). (Be careful that apart from UR category other category are also eligible for UR posts). Hence we have taken slightly higher cut off for specially gen Cat. i.e. 138 for pre.

3) For mains exams Average marks for top 2400 students is taken as 165 in maths and 150 in english, according to our poll on qmaths website.

4) Hence Total marks for gen will be 138 + 165 + 150 = 453 for interview posts.

5) Similar Calculations are done for other categories and NIPs.

UPDATE: Good News friends, SSC has added 597 CSS Posts it will decrease cutoff, and if more posts will increase cut-off will decrease accordingly. 

Intervew posts
Category Tier 1 T2-Maths T2-English Total
UR 138 165 150 453
OBC 131 152 142 425
SC 118.5 145 135 398.5
ST 116 135 125 376

Non-Intervew posts
Category Tier 1 T2-Maths T2-English Total
UR 130 150 140 420
OBC 125 140 135 400
SC 111 135 127 373
ST 108 128 122 358

Some points may be noted:

1) At present there are 7966 posts (3071-IP+4895-NIP) This vacancy will definately increaseWe assumed that there is approx 4000 IP posts and 6000 NIP posts in total.

2) It is highly doubtful that SSC will conduct interview for CGL 15 (as it has cancelled it for Junior Engineer exam), we assume that there is No Interview for SSC CGL 2015.

3) The genereal category seats are also filled by other category candidates who clear required cutoffs.

4) Some candidates will withdraw from cgl 2015 as they have joined or will soon join thier posts alloted by cgl 2013 and cgl 2014.

Interview Posts
IP (As Per RTI) 1636 441 235 759 3071
2131 574 306 989 4000
for CPT (IP) Assumed
2400 560 310 1000 4270
Marks for above Rank
132 118.5 116 131.25
Non-Interview Posts
NIP (As Per RTI) 2518 777 395 1205 4895
3087 952 484 1477 6000
(IP+NIP) Vacancy
5218 1526 790 2466 10000
Call for CPT (IP) + DEST (NIP)
5380 1530 800 2500 10210
Out of these calls 4270 calls are for CPT and Rest 5970 are for DEST
Marks for DEST
126 111.5 108.25 125.5

Your comments and views are welcome.

Disclaimer: The whole analysys is based on assumptions and qmaths is not responsible for any deviation from actual cutoffs. Beware SSC loves to give surprises which is far far away from any rational analysys.

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