Practice Questions on Fill in the blanks for ssc cgl exam Tier 2 set 2

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Practice Questions on Fill in the blanks For SSC CGL Exam tier 2 (Vocabulary-based)


Directions: In the following Questions sentences given with Blanks to be filled in with an appropriate word(s). Four alternatives are suggested for each question. Choose the correct alternative out of four.

1 Nitisha’s parents often referred to her as ______ because she trusted everyone and even slept with her doors unlocked
a naïve
b elevated
c boastful
d panoramic

2 Kishore’s re-election is being threatened by a growing ______ of disgruntled union members
a rogue
b faction
c pariah
d guise

3 The peasants passed their weary days in much ______ and little comfort
a pertinence
b renown
c travail
d exile

4 Pt Chaurasia is a ______ of the flute ; he has performed solos with many orchestras and bands around the world
a neophyte
b novice
c virtuoso
d termagant

5 The children knew that once their father made his decision, the new rule would be ______ because he would never change his mind
a irrevocable
b articulate
c premeditated
d discourteous

6 The haunted house displayed ______ scenes in every room, causing squeamish visitors to scream
a preparatory
b archaic
c macabre
d precocious

7 The concert audience was frustrated by the poor ______ of the sounds coming from the speakers
a modulation
b recrimination
c terminus
d dissidence

8 Please don’t ______ me my success—I’ve worked hard to earn this promotion!
a renege
b begrudge
c excise
d staunch

9 With an ______ blow of the whistle, the meddling parent interrupted the game to reiterate the rules of the tournament
a industrious
b illustrious
c eloquent
d officious

10 The candidate’s inappropriately sexist remark was met with a ______ of denunciations from the angry crowd
a bastion
b fusillade
c mélange
d dichotomy

11 The ______ employee decided to complain publicly about the unacceptable working conditions
a discreet
b prudent
c precarious
d malcontent

12 The medical officer applied a sweet smelling ______ to the young brave’s wounds
a triad
b corrosive
c parcel
d unguent

13 The judge dismissed the extraneous evidence because it was not ______ to the trial
a pertinent
b pretentious
c synonymous
d abject

14 The ______ nature of the song is supposed to be reminiscent of shepherds calling to their flocks at night
a vocative
b endemic
c surreptitious
d preternatural

15 The ______ child caused great difficulties for her parents and teachers because she refused to correct her bad behavior even in the face of punishment
a adorable
b sincere
c incorrigible
d lamentable

16 The internist decided to treat the ______ with medication, but also recommended rest and proper nutrition
a malady
b nonentity
c missive
d repository

17 It was such a beautiful day that I decided to go for a ______ on my bike down to the local park
a expedition
b jaunt
c pilgrimage
d repast

18 The castaway’s hut was ______ by the natives curious to see who the intruder was upon their island
a beset
b surmised
c precluded
d garnered

19 Sometimes my grandmother would ______ all different types of thread so she could include more colors in the clothes she sewed
a daunt
b raddle
c scrabble
d thrush

20 The defense attorney’s choice of words ______ that there were other possible versions of the crime, but the jury was unconvinced
a pervaded
b insinuated
c discounted
d imposed

21 Ted’s enthusiasm for becoming a professional drum player ______ when he realized he would have to practice several hours a day
a waxed
b waned
c deranged
d flouted

22 Some would say Muzak is a(n) ______ form of music, a kind of background noise designed to be heard but not listened to
a arable
b degenerate
c volatile
d pivotal

23 The teacher was dismissed for the ______ act of helping his students cheat on the exam
a steadfast
b meritorious
c unconscionable
d pristine

24 The reformed criminal could not forget his guilty past; he was in a living state of ______
a perdition
b tact
c composure
d principle

25 The ______ yoga instructor waited patiently for her students to find the proper pose, which she performed with ease
a unabashed
b lissome
c cosmopolitan
d sneering


1 a Naïve(adj) means lacking worldly experience; possessing a childlike innocence or simplicity

2 b A faction(n) is a group or clique within a larger group, usually a minority, acting in unison in opposition to the larger group; internal dissension, conflict within an organization, nation, or other group

3 c Travail(n) means hard or agonizing labor

4 c Virtuoso(n) means a master in the technique of some particular fine art

5 a Irrevocable(adj) means irreversible; not able to be revoked or recalled

6 c Macabre(adj) means ghastly, horrible, or gruesome

7 a Modulation(n) a regulation by or adjustment to a certain measure, such as in music or radio waves

8 b To begrudge(v) means to envy the possession or enjoyment of; to give or allow with reluctance

9 d Officious(adj) means marked by excessive eagerness in offering unwanted services or advice to others; unofficial

10 b A fusillade(n) is a barrage; a rapid discharge of firearms, simultaneously or in rapid succession

11 d Malcontent(adj) means dissatisfied, uneasy or discontent; a rebel

12 d An unguent(n) is any soothing or healing ointment or lubricant for local application

13 a Pertinent(adj) means applicable, related to the subject matter at hand

14 a Vocative(adj) means pertaining to the act of calling

15 c Incorrigible(adj) means bad to the point of being beyond correction; uncontrollable; impervious to change

16 a Malady(n) is a disease or disorder

17 b A jaunt(n) is usually a short journey taken for pleasure

18 a To beset(v) means to surround on all sides; to annoy or harass persistently; to decorate with jewels

19 b To raddle(v) means to twist together, to intertwine

20 b To insinuate(v) is to hint or suggest; to intimate

21 b To wane(v) means to diminish in intensity or size

22 b Degenerate(adj) means having declined in quality or value, reduced from a former or original state, to degrade

23 c Unconscionable(adj) means not restrained by conscience; unscrupulous

24 a Perdition(n) the most modern use of the word means eternal damnation, or a hell

25 b Lissome(adj) means lithe or lithesome, usually related to the body; moving or bending easily or limber

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