Practice Questions on Fill in the blanks for ssc cgl exam Tier 2 set 3

Practice Questions on Fill in the blanks For SSC CGL Exam tier 2 (Vocabulary-based)


Directions: In the following Questions sentences given with Blanks to be filled in with an appropriate word(s). Four alternatives are suggested for each question. Choose the correct alternative out of four.

1 Amrita agrees with the ______ that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence
a perpetuity
b penchant
c maxim
d conformation

2 Vijay’s creature was a(n) ______, detested by everyone he met
a itinerant
b anathema
c cosmopolitan
d mercenary

3 Amitabh Bachan was at the ______ of his career when he received the national award for Best Actor
a detriment
b pinnacle
c oligarchy
d rogue

4 Arundhuti was outstanding as the moderator; she handled the intensely heated debate with great ______, diplomatically and tactfully keeping the conversation fair and on track
a finesse
b pretentiousness
c prowess
d succor

5 The class endured a loud and lengthy ______ by the teacher on the subject of submitting written work on time
a guile
b polemic
c bravado
d tirade

6 Lucy’s ______ features, what you first noticed about her, were her stunning black hair and large, dark eyes
a savvy
b affluent
c predominant
d universal

7 Whenever my boss and I would argue he would ______ with his handsand body to accentuate his point
a interject
b infuse
c gesticulate
d conjure

8 Must we be subjected to your ______ complaints all day long?
a tiresome
b fearsome
c awesome
d gleesome

9 The new political candidate refused to print ______ about her aggressive opponent, but that did not stop him from printing lies about her
a dispensation
b assignation
c rendition
d libel

10 Awkwardly tall and prone to tripping over her own feet, Grace felt her name was truly a ______
a misnomer
b preoccupation
c universality
d garrulity

11 Although the villagers’ lives were profoundly different from herown, Jing-Mae felt a deep ______ for the people when she served in the Peace Corps
a reparation
b affinity
c injunction
d exigency

12 Sometimes late at night Sharon would gaze joyfully at her childrenas they slept and ______ in heir innocence
a sneer
b ostracize
c revel
d repudiate

13 In the famous balcony scene, Romeo ______ Juliet’s beauty in one of the most romantic soliloquies ever written 
a sanctions
b extols
c peruses
d beguiles

14 It was ______ to think that it could possibly snow in the middle of the desert
a advantageous
b philosophical
c eroding
d preposterous

15 Every evening at the restaurant, the reporter would eavesdrop on the Mayor’s conversations in order to ______ any information that could make headlines
a ignore
b glean
c extol
d extend

16 The surgeon placed a ______ on the femoral artery to bind it during the long and exhausting surgery
a ligature
b doctrine
c premise
d synopsis

17 By sheer ______ force, the men pushed the truck to the side of the road and out of danger
a virile
b persnickety
c meticulous
d suave

18 Based on his recent poor decisions, it was obvious that Seth lacked even a ______ of good sense
a debasement
b diversion
c disapprobation
d modicum

19 To settle the dispute, the students elected a faculty member to serve as a(n) ______
a maverick
b dystopia
c arbiter
d fiduciary

20 The ______ newspaper accounts of the city scandal caused somereaders to question the truth of the stories 
a lurid
b vivacious
c blithesome
d prolific

21 The ______ man with amnesia was unable to recognize where he was
a endogenous
b euphoric
c nonplussed
d amicable

22 Justin’s ______ solution to the problem revealed that he did not spend much time considering the consequences
a facile
b obsolete
c resilient
d pristine

23 The events of the evening ______ without difficulty despite the lack of planning on the part of the host
a expired
b transpired
c retired
d ensured

24 It is every American person’s ______ to live the life he or she chooses
a composite
b eloquence
c prerogative
d allusion

25 After the boisterous customers left the cafĂ© without tipping, Carlos______ at them through the restaurant’s front window
a interjected
b jostled
c glowered
d emulated


1.c Maxim(n) is an established principle or a general truth, often a condensed version of a practical truth

2.b An anathema(n) is one who is detested or shunned; one who is cursed or damned; a curse or vehement denunciation; a formal ban, curse, or excommunication

3.b A pinnacle(n) is the highest level or degree available

4.a Finesse(n) is the subtle, skillful handling of a situation, diplomacy, tact; refined or delicate performance or execution

5.d A tirade(n) is a long and blusterous speech given especially when the speaker is denouncing someone or something

6.c Predominant(adj) means most dominant, common, or frequent; to have surpassing power, influence, or authority

7.c To gesticulate(v) means to use gestures or make motions; express through motion, especially while speaking

8.a Tiresome(adj) means causing to be weary

9.d Libel(n) is defamatory writing; misrepresentative publication (writing, pictures, signs) that damages a person’s reputation

10.a Misnomer(n) is a misnaming of a person or place; a wrong or unsuitable name

11.b An affinity(n) is a natural attraction or liking; a feeling of kinship, connection or closeness, similarity; relationship by marriage

12.c To revel(v) is to take great pleasure or delight

13.b To extol(v) means to praise highly, exalt, glorify

14.d Preposterous(adj) means contrary to common sense or utterly absurd

15.b To glean(v) means to gather or collect slowly; to learn or discover bit by bit

16.a A ligature(n) is something that ties or binds up, such as a bandage, wire, or cord

17.a Virile(adj) means having masculine strength; vigorous or energetic

18.d Modicum(n) is a small or token amount

19.c An arbiter(n) is one selected or appointed to judge or decide a disputed issue, an arbitrator; someone with the power to settle matters at will

20.a Lurid(adj) means glaringly sensational or vivid; shocking

21.c Nonplussed(adj) means greatly perplexed, filled with bewilderment

22.a Facile(adj) means arrived at or achieved with little difficulty or effort, thus lacking depth, superficial; performing or speaking effectively with effortless ease and fluency, adroit, eloquent

23.b To transpire(v) means to come to pass, to occur

24.c Prerogative(n) means an exclusive or special right or privilege

25.c To glower(v) means to stare angrily or sullenly, to look intently with anger or dislike

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