One word substitution Practice questions set 3

Practice questions on One word Substitution set 3

1 One not concerned with right or wrong

(A)Moral (B)Amoral

(C)Immoral ( D)Immortal

2 Call upon God or any other power (like law) etc. for help or protection

(A)Invocation (B)Involution

(C)Inundation ( D)Revocation

3 Act of deceiving somebody in order to make money.

(A)fraud (B)robbery

(C)pickpocket ( D)theft

4 A person who is unable to pay his debts.

(A)solvent (B)banker

(C)insolvent ( D)lender

5 A person coming to a foreign land to settle there.

(A)immigrant (B)emigrant

(C)tourist . ( D)settler

6. Something capable of being done.

(A)probable (B)feasible

(C)tenable ( D)explicable

7 Killing of a child

(A)homicide (B)genocide

(C)infanticide ( D)suicide

8 Lasting only for a moment

(A)momentous (B)momentary

(C)trivial ( D)petty

9. To seize control of a vehicle in order to force it to go to a new destination, or demand something.

(A)attack (B)contract

(C)hijack ( D)detour

10 One who hates mankind—

(A)Philanthropist (B)Terrorist

(C)Misanthrope ( D)Misogynist

11 One who walks on ropes—

(A)Funambulist (B)Upholsterer

(C)Acrobat ( D)Aviator

12 A body of persons appointed to hear evidence and give their verdict in trials.

(A)Association (B)Council

(C)Bar ( D)Jury

13 One who is beyond reform

(A)Optimistic (B)Incorrigible

(C)Indefatigable ( D)Notorious

14 Deep in thought

(A)Meditation (B) Pensive

(C)Pesky ( D)Purloin

15 Without risk of punishment

(A)Impudent (B)Impunity

(C)Inexorable (D)Imperturbable

16. Excessive preoccupation with one’s health

(A)Hypochondria (B) Malaise

(C)Disaffected ( D)Malinger

17 The worship of idols or images

(A)Atheism (B)Theism

(C)Idolatry ( D)Iconoclasm

18 A home for dog

(A)kennel (B)Lair

(C)Den ( D)Cage

19 One who intervenes between two or more parties to settle differences

(A)Neutral (B)Intermediary

(C)Judge ( D)Connoisseur

20 One who destroys images or attacks popular beliefs

(A)Imagist (B)Misanthropist

(C)Iconoclast (D)Masochist

21 The first public speech delivered by a person.

(A)Maiden speech (B)Inaugural speech

(C)Trial speech ( D)Marathon speech

22 Placing a thing beside another.

(A)Impose (B)Repose

(C)Juxtapose (D)Expose

23 Building in which dead bodies are kept for a time.

(A)Mortuary (B)Monastery

(C)Sanatorium ( D)Crematorium

24. One who believes that- gaining pleasure is the most important thing in life.

(A)Hedonist (B)Pessimist

(C)Misanthrope (D)Philistine

25 The sound of the funeral bell

(A)Knell (B)Spell

(C)Dong (D)Ding-dong

26 A method which never fails.

(A)Unflinching (B)Irreparable

(C)Irremediable ( D)Infallible

27. Something which cannot bebelieved.

(A)Inevitable (B)Ineffable

(C)Incredible ( D)Ineluctable

28. Body of a human being embalmed for burial

(A)Corpse (B)Mummy

(C)Morgue (D)Mortuary

29 Government by a ruler who has unlimited power.

(A)Despotism (B)Autocracy

(C) Monarchy (D)Anarchy

30. An occasion of great importance

(A)exemplary (B)momentous

(C)herculean (D)grandiose

31 Inability to sleep

(A)hysteria (B)insomnia

(C)aphasia (D)amnesia

32 That which cannot be called back

(A)Irresponsible (B)Irrevocable

(C)Irredeemable (D)Incalculable

33. One who journeys from place to place

(A)uack (B)Cannibal

(C)Itinerant (D)Courier

34 That which cannot be captured

(A)Untakable (B)Ungrippable

(C)Impregnable ( D)Slippery

35 Detaining and confining someone

(A)Interruption (B)Interrogation

(C)Interment (D)Internment

36 One who compiles a dictionary

(A)geographer (B)lexicographer

(C)lapidist (D)linguist

37 A person who pretends to be what he is not

(A)explorer (B)prompter

(C)imposter (D)diviner

38 Handwriting that cannot be read

(A)ineligible (B)decipher

(C)ugly (D)illegible

39 Fear of water

(A)claustrophobia (B)hydrophobia

(C)insomnia (D)obsession

40 A legal agreement by which a person borrows money from a bank usually to buy a house

(A)Document (B)Mortgage

(C)Lease (D)Invoice

41 One who hates women

(A)philanthropist (B)ascetic

(C)misogamist (D)misogynist

42 A voice that cannot be heard

(A)Unheard (B)Faint

(C)Audible (D)Inaudible

43 Murder of a man

(A)Regicide (B)Fratricide

(C)Homicide (D)Genocide

44 Animal that feeds on plants

(A)Carnivorous (B)Herbivorous

(C)Insectivorous (D)Graminivorous

45 A paper written by hand

(A)handicraft (B)handiwork

(C)manuscript ( D)thesis

46 Related to moon

(A)solar (B)moony

(C)lunar (D)honeymoon

47 To secretly store more than what is allowed

(A)hoard (B)store

(C)hide (D)aboard

48 Very dramatic

(A)Histrionic (B)Hippocratic

(C)Hirsute (D)Hoary

49. One who dies for a noble cause

(A) Armyman (B) Martyr

( C ) Patriot (D) Henchman

50 An established principle of practical wisdom

(A)Marxism (B)Maxim

(C)Neologism ( D)Platonism

Answer Key:

1 B 26 D
2 A 27 C
3 A 28 B
4 C 29 A
5 A 30 B
6 B 31 B
7 C 32 B
8 B 33 C
9 C 34 B
10 C 35 B
11 A 36 B
12 D 37 C
13 B 38 D
14 B 39 B
15 B 40 B
16 A 41 D
17 C 42 D
18 A 43 C
19 B 44 B
20 C 45 C
21 A 46 C
22 C 47 A
23 A 48 A
24 A 49 B
25 A 50 B

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