One word substitution Practice questions set 1

Practice questions on One word Substitution set 1

1 Clues available at a scene

(A) circumstantial

(B) derivative

(C) inferential

(D) suggestive

2 The animals of a particular region

(A) Flora

(B) Museum

(C) Zoo

(D) Fauna

3 The use of many words where only a few are necessary

(A) circumlocution

(B) circumspection

(C) circumscription

(D) circumvention

4 One who is a citizen not of a country but of the world





 5 One who has become dependent on something or drugs is





6 A short poem or speech addressed to the spectators after the conclusion of a dram





7 Capable of being understood in either of two or more possible senses, and therefore not definite





8 One who believes in offering eual opportunities to women in all spheres

(A)male chauvinist




9 The art of good eating





10 The study of the origin and history of words





11 A person who breaks into a house in order to steal





12 The study of maps





13 That which lasts for a short time





14 Ready to believe anything





15 A four footed animal





16 One who secretly listens to the talk of others





17 One who believes in no government and therefore incites disorder in a State





18 A mild or indirect expression substituted for an offensive or harsh one





19 One who is greedy





20 A place where government/ public records are kept





21 Dry weather with no rainfall





22 Irresistible craving for alcoholic drinks





23 A place where nuns live and work


(B) School



24 One who does not follow the usual rules of social life

(A ) Bohemian




25 A group of girls





26 Causing or ending in death





27 One who loves books





28 One who has obstinate and narrow religious views





29 Motion of head, hands etc, as a mode of expression indicating attitude





30 Bitter and violent attack in words





31 Treatment by means of exercise and massage





32 The abandonment of one’s country or cause





33 A place where birds kept





34 Of very bad morals; characterized by debasement or degeneration





35 To have a very high opinion of oneself





36 One who is given to pleasures of the flesh





37 A tank where fish or water plants are kept





38 A picture of a person or a thing drawn in such a highly exaggerated manner as to cause laughter





39 The state of being miserable bereft of all possessions





40 To run away with a lover





41 Science of heredity





42 Arrangement in order of occurrence





43 Instrument to measure atmospheric pressure





44 To renounce a high position of authority or control





45 Feeling inside you which tells you what is right and what is wrong





46 Loss of memory





47 To struggle helplessly





48 A person who writes decoratively





49 To look at someone in an angry or threatening way





50 Words uttered impiously about God





Answer Key: 

1 A 26 A
2 D 27 B
3 A 28 B
4 B 29 A
5 C 30 D
6 C 31 C
7 B 32 C
8 B 33 C
9 A 34 C
10 B 35 B
11 D 36 B
12 A 37 A
13 B 38 D
14 B 39 C
15 B 40 D
16 D 41 B
17 B 42 B
18 A 43 D
19 D 44 D
20 A 45 B
21 C 46 B
22 B 47 C
23 D 48 A
24 A 49 A
25 A 50 D

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