Close test tricks and questions SSC CGL tier2

Best short tricks to Solve Close Passage Test for SSC CGL Mains

Close Test Tricks
  • A Close test is a passage, so the sentences are logically connected to each other.
  • Read the whole passage first to get the background of the cloze test.
  • Keep this background in mind while attempting it will give you clues to the right answer.
  • If you are not sure of the answer follow the elimination technique.

Elimination Technique

1 Take any one of the options given and check if it fits in structure. If it doesn’t fit, remove it.

2 Check if it fits in with the meaning and the background.If it doesn’t eliminate it.

3 Apply your knowledge about the usage of the word and how it is used in sentences. e.g. the word tan is used with reference to the sun.

4 Try to find a clue. Sometimes the clue is given in the preceding or next sentence. Or sometimes the clue can be given many sentences away.

Solved Examples of Close passage:

Close Test 1

Our body can be kept healthy by adopting breathing techniques that use the respiratory system to its maximum potential, letting in____(1) oxygen____(2) the body as possible while removing as much ____(3) carbon di-oxide as possible.The most effective is the total breathe control. Practice it ____(4) it becomes second nature. _____(5)that happens, you can find that you are less tired.

1 A) as much B) as little as C) into D) free

2 A) onto B) through C) into D) of

3 A) useful B) necessary C) waste D) important

4 A) as soon as B) until C) after D) across

5 A) then B) when C) where D) how


On reading the close test we get the background that it is about keeping healthy by breathing properly.

1) A (as much as is the correct answer.As the sentence reads maximum potential so as little as get eliminated. Into can’t be used as it will come preceded by in.)

2) C (Into will be used. Onto is used in when there is a kind of movement for an eg He jumped onto the horse and galloped away.

3) C (Carbon di-oxide of the body is a waste that has to be removed.The word removing gives a clue)

4) B (Until….until is used in the sense of up to a particular time/ We will wait until he comes)

5) B (When)


Whenever I ____(1) at the moon my heart____(2) with joy. I wish I had____(3) to fly up to the moon. I know if I ____(4) to become an _____(5) I would be able to go to the moon. Special equipment and a ____(6) training are required to go to the moon.I would have to wear a special _____(7) for ____(8). My space shuttle would be equipped with ___(9) cameras and other scientific____(10).

1) A) Looked B) Saw C) Viewed D) Gaze

2) A) fills B) Filled C) Field D) Feels

3) A) hands B) wings C) legs D) feelers

4) A) grow up B) is growing C) have grown D) has grown

5) A) astrology B) astronomy C) astronaut D) aristocrat

6) A) special B) ordinary C) common D) Natural

7) A) trousers B) Spacecraft C) Space suit D) Space dress

8) A) Breadth B) Breathing C) Bathing D) Breathe

9) A) Sensitive B) Touchy C) Primitive D) Decorative

10) A) accessory B) Things C) Intuition D) Gadgets

Answers .

1 D (The passage is in present tense and it is a wish so option d is correct.All the other options are in the past tense.And with the verb gaze generally the preposition at follows.

2 A( fills (use simple present tense)

3 B (Wings (very simple as the sentence has a clue “to fly”)

4 A( grow up)

5 C (astronaut is a person who travels into space)

6 A

7 C

8 B (the preposition for is used here it will be followed by verb+ing so breathing is the correct option)

9 A

10 D

Practice Sets On Close Passage:

Close test 1

Tennis is a game that gives one plenty of exercise. It develops __(1)__ of eye and limb and __(2)__ the brain too into __(3)__ . A few sets of tennis keeps one physically and __(4)__ fit.But for the indoors chess is the queen of games. People say that chess is a __(5)__ game because only two can play.

1) A) Movement B) swiftness C) quickness D) agility

2) A) commands B) asks C) signals D) calls

3) A) response B) play C) work D) action

4) A) intellectually B) mentally C) emotionally D) logically

5) A) selfish B) mean C) carefree D) careless

1 c
2 d
3 d
4 b
5 a

Close Test 2

One cold winter afternoon the postman was slowly pushing his bicycle up the hill that led out to the village.He as walking very carefully because there was a lot of ice on the ground.He had only one more letter to deliver.This was for an __(1)___ lady who had lived at the __(2)__ of the hill. Everyone called __(3)__ “grandmother”. She had lived alone __(4)__since her daughter had emigrated to Australia many years before. She __(5)__used to invite the postman for a cup of tea whenever he took her a letter and __(6)__ him about her two grandchildren in Australia whom she had never seen.

1) A) ancient  B) Important  C) old  D) elderly

2) A) foot B) top C) end D) peak

3) A) her B) the woman C) the lady D) the grandmother

4) A)  even B) ever C) about D) until

5) A) always B) rarely C) frequently D) some time

6) A) tell B) suggest C) inform D) stated

1 c
2 b
3 a
4 b
5 a
6 a

Close test 3

Many of us believe that science is something modern __(1)__ the truth is that __(2)__ has been using science for __(3)__ a very long time. However it has __(4)__ a greater effect on human lives in the last twenty-five __(5)__ thirty years than in the hundreds of years __(6)__ the invention of the plough. The __(7)__ gifts of science have made modern life __(8)__ and comfortable.But science has __(9)__the same time created new problems. One of these, which may become __(10)__ in the years to come, is the ”jet lag”.

1) A) if B) Though C) Unless D) in spite of

2) A) men B) people C) man D) human

3) A) the B) a C) that D) some

4) A) even B) have C) had D) has

5) A) and B) or C) either D) neither

6) A) from B) for C) since D) at

7) A) marvellous B) costly C) Inexpensive D) valueless

8) A) dull B) exciting C) aimless D) aim

9) A) at B) in C) within D) since

10) A) bad B) worse C) good D) worst

1 b
2 c
3 b
4 c
5 b
6 c
7 a
8 b
9 a
10 b

Close 4

Ancestors and dead relations were believed to punish their living __(1)__ for sins, both of commission and __(2)__ .The ancestors were the guardians of __(3)__ society’s morality and they chastised those __(4)__ failed in their duty.The explanation __(5)__ heard was ”He told lies about the __(6)__ and the ancestors killed him”, or __(7)__ uncle’s ghost killed him because he __(8)__ to look after his children or his __(9)__ felt disgraced by his conduct __(10)__killed him.

1) A) people B) descendants C) acquaintances D) friends

2) A) remission B) permission C) omission D) mission

3) A) a B) the C) any D) some

4) A) which B) what C) have D) who

5) A) often B) always C) inevitably D) seldom

6) A) riches B) property C) wealth D) land

7) A) the B) that C) his D) their

8) A) failed B) rejected C) tried D) objected

9) A) friends B) ancestors C) tribesmen D) someone

10) A) enemies B) someone C) ghosts D) they

1 b
2 c
3 b
4 d
5 a
6 a
7 c
8 a
9 b
10 d

Close 5

Everyone considers food, shelter, clothing and medical care to be the basic needs for a comfortable living. Even the government accepts this and __(1)__ to provide all these. But very __(2)__ people know that energy required for __(3)__ and heating is also one of __(4)__ basic needs. We are all aware __(5)__ our country has achieved self-sufficiency in __(6)__ but we have to go a __(7)__ way yet in order to achieve __(8)__ in the field of energy. Man __(9)__ always been in search of more __(10)__ in order to free himself from the burden of manual labour. He has invented machines to do his work.

1) A) lies B) loves C) hates D) promises

2) A) little B) some C) few D) any

3) A) cooking B) living C) eating D) slept

4) A) their B) such C) a D) our

5) A) this B) that C) of  D) in

6) A) food B) resources C) weapons D) heating

7) A) some B) all C) long D) hard

8) A) pleasure B) joy C) much D) self sufficiency

9) A) have B) had C) has D) was

10) A) machines B) oil C) heat D) labour

1 d
2 c
3 a
4 a
5 b
6 a
7 c
8 d
9 c
10 a

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