Time and Work

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Basic Concept of Time and Work and short trick

Basics : 

1.     M1D1W = M2D2W1  (M-man, D-Day, W-Work).
2.     If A can do a piece of work in x days, then
        A’s 1 day work = 1/x.
3.     If A’s 1-day work = 1/x, then A can finish a piece of work in x days.
4.     If A is X times as good a workman as B then:

Ratio of work done by A and B = X : 1

Ratio of time taken by A and B to finish a work = 1 : X.

Special Rules:
  • If A can do a piece of work in x days and B can do it in y days then A and B working together will do the same work in xy/(x+y) days.
  • If A and B together can do a piece of work in Y days and A can do it in X days then B working alone will do the same work in xy/(x-y) days.

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