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We are sharing list of some suggestive essays that could be asked in the descriptive papers of the CGL and CHSL (10+2) Exams. You are advised to prepare yourself in these topics from a standard book or any good quality study notes. If you think there could be some specific topic in this list prepare that also. You are strongly advised to write 1-2 topics daily and get it checked from any good friend/parents, etc. if you want to evaluate your progress well.
1.Should Women have Reserved Seats in Parliament
2. The Age of Advertisements
3. Role of Judiciary in the Country Today
4. My Dream Job
5.The Coalition Politics
6. India’s Space Programme
7.The Fight Against Terrorism
8. Should There Be Reservations?
9. Role of Media
10. Corruption in India
11. Communal Riots
12. The Mobile Craze
13. Effect of Online System of Examinations on Cheating
14. The Role of Computers in Everyday Life
15. Indo-Pak Bridges of Peace
16. Joys and Sorrows go Hand in Hand in Life
17. Sexual Harassment: The Hidden Truth
18. Center-State Relations in India
19. Religion And Politics
20. Criminalisation of Politics
21. Communalism and Casteism are the two sides of the same coin
22. Sex Education necessary in Schools
23. Should Cell Phones be allowed in Schools?
24. The Importance of Moral Education
25. Impact of Television on Our Social Values
26. Role of mass-media in present India
27. What is wrong with our Education?
28. Socio-economic justice- An unfulfilled dream of India
29. The Kashmir problem
30. Road Rage and Democratic Values
31. Violence against women
32. Importance of opposition in a democracy
33. Reservation in Private Sector
34. People’s participation in Development
35. Ambition of my life
37. Describe an accident
38. My Idea of a Happy Life
39. How I can Serve My Country
40. Violence on TV has a direct impact on our children’s behaviour
41. What ways do you suggest to encourage the usage of public transport among the people?
42. Bad effects of easy access to Internet

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